10 minutes for the nation

Let’s take these topics again for a week. I intervene in need to change, given the atmosphere in the country Then the Pharaoh summoned his sages and his magicians, and the enchanters of Egypt performed the same miracle by their spells: each of them threw down his staff, which turned into a serpent; Aaron’s staff, however, swallowed theirs. 13 Nevertheless, the pharaoh, the stubborn heart, refused to hear them, as the LORD had said. Exodus 7: 11-12 He even went so far as to burn his son to offer him as a sacrifice. He consulted the augurs and the diviners. He set up people who evoked the dead and predicted the future. He multiplied the acts that Jehovah considered evil and irritated him in this way 2 Kings 21: 6 Father, I say thank you for that you have put your words in my mouth and established in this day on nations and kingdoms, to tear, and to demolish, and to destroy, and to overthrow, to build and to plant in the name of Jesus Christ Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak out against the demonic and magical powers that are destroying my country Cameroon your judgments, because of all the harm they have already done against this nation in the name of Jesus Christ Our father and our God, may the forces of evil in our land be swallowed by the power of our God in the name of Jesus Christ. Just as Pharaoh’s snakes were swallowed by the Serpent of Moses, so the force of the magic prevailing in the Northwest and Southwest regions is engulfed by the power of God that we release on this day in the name of Jesus Christ Our father, we have learned how proud magicians are, yes, we know their arrogance, their pride and their presumption. And it is also why we pray that those who do and rely on magic to build, destroy or destabilize our country will groan over their fate in the name of Jesus Christ. Our father, who all lament, moan, be dismayed, their fields of magic wither, they search for their herbs without finding, they call without continuation the sun, the moon, the stars, the sea, the mountains, the forests … help in the name of Jesus Christ Our father and our God, on this day, instruct the elements of nature to refuse to obey the impious. To refuse the offering of evil, to refuse all instructions from men and women who have no alliance with the Almighty in the name of Jesus Christ Thank you Lord that it is a law before you that the one who adopts the weapons of flesh, magic, who seeks the support of death and hell to govern and dominate will not be successful. in the name of Jesus Christ Thank you that the cries of the Cameroonian people, the women and men of the young men and girls have reached you, thank you because you have seen the oppression that the forces of darkness are doing to him and that you do not remain not insensitive in the name of Jesus Christ

O wind, sun, moon, forest trees, sea, animals, stars, mountains, hills, land, …, we instruct you in the name of Jesus Christ to refuse to act in favor of the destroyers of the Cameroonian nation, magicians and others. Our father and our God this morning, we strip the strong men and women strong of all magical power with which they destabilize our country in the name of Jesus Christ. Magic stops triumphing today in the name of Jesus Christ Our father and our God, from this day, we declare vulnerable all those who yesterday hid under the power of magic. From that moment, their forces leave them, they lose strength and territory. They become like all men and women. Never again able to stand in front of a gun. We declare that the only possible protection is that which God gives to men and women in the name of Jesus Christ. Our father, we say thank you for this day. Strengthen all who are committed to see your glory in this nation in the name of Jesus Christ. Father, thank you because you establish me today as a strong city, and as a column of iron, and like walls of brass, against all the forces that destroy my country, against the kings of the nation that supports the war, its princes, its priests, and the people of the country who are favorable to the destruction and death of the innocent. Thank you because they will fight against me, but they will not prevail over me, because you are with me to deliver me in the name of Jesus Christ. Our father, break the staff of the wicked, the scepter of the rulers of our country Cameroon. That he who, in his fury, struck the peoples relentlessly, dominating the nation in his anger, be pursued without cease. Let the country rest and be quiet; that Cameroon breaks out in songs of triumph. May even the trees rejoice at you from the end of the fighting

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