Your sacrifices, O God are a broken spirit. O God! You will not despise a broken and humiliated heart. Do good in your favor to my country; build the walls of this nation in the name of Jesus Christ.

Why do you boast about your wickedness, BOKO HARAM, SESSESIONISTS, GOVERNMENT OF CAMEROON? Your tongues only invent mischief, like a razor sharp, cunning you are! You love evil rather than good, Lying rather than righteousness. You like all words of destruction, deceitful language! As a royal priesthood, I decree and proclaim that you are in a dream that will turn against you in the name of Jesus Christ

I, as a royal priesthood, decree and proclaim that God will destroy your plans forever. He will seize you and take you away from your hiding places; He will uproot you from the land of the living. Cameroonians of all stripes will see it, and will have fear, And they will make you the subject of their mockery and say: Here are the men who did not take God as protector, But who confided in their great wealth and in their program malice, and triumphing in his malice! They have fallen too low and will never get up again. You who disturb Cameroon, your fall is certain in the name of Jesus Christ

The nations see the fall of Cameroon, the wicked plan it day and night, but I, as royal priesthood, I am in the house of God like a green olive tree, I trust in the goodness of God, forever and forever. I also entrust to him this day and night this country and I decree and proclaim that the wicked will not have the right of the righteous in this nation in the name of Jesus Christ. I will always praise him for acting on behalf of this nation; and I want to hope on His behalf, because He is forever favorable in the name of Jesus Christ

The enemies of my country come back every night, they scream like dogs, they go around the cities. They wander here and there, seeking their interests, but as a royal priesthood, I decree and proclaim that they are in a dream that will never come true. As for me, royal priesthood, I will sing the strength and the favor of God on this nation, in the morning I will celebrate his goodness, because God is for Cameroon, a fortress, a refuge in this season of distress. You Lord, who is our strength, it is for you that I want to sing, because God, my God so good, is the fortress of my nation Cameroon

Lord, come help us, come help Cameroon against our opponents! The help of man is only illusion. With you, Lord, we will do exploits: it is you who will crush the evil plans of all our adversaries, it is you who will make us shine on the face of the world and who will make this nation, your joy in the name of Jesus Christ. Christ

O God, listen to your church in Cameroon groan, protect our nation against the enemies we know and those we do not know. Protect our country from the plots of the wicked, the noisy troop of unjust men! They sharpen their tongue like a sword, they hurl their bitter words like arrows to shoot in secret on the one who is integrity. They strengthen themselves in their wickedness, they concert to set traps, they say: “Who will see them?” They combine crimes: “We are ready, the plan is in focus!” The intimate thought, the heart, of each is an abyss. I decree and proclaim that God throws his arrows against you: suddenly you are struck. Your languages ​​have caused your downfall; all those who see you shake their heads. All Cameroonians are seized with fear; they proclaim what God does, they pay attention to his work in this land. Cameroon, which is built in spirit, is for the righteous. The righteous rejoice in the LORD and take refuge in him; all those whose hearts are righteous welcome it. It is the wicked who will be ashamed in this land in the name of Jesus Christ


Let us declare that no evil altar shall be able to curse the people of God in Cameroon in the name of Jesus-Christ

Let declare that the power taken from wicked altar shall not work against the nation in the name of Jesus-Christ


Let us proclaim  that no evil altar shall be able to curse the people of God in Cameroon in the name of Jesus-Christ

Let us proclaim that the power taken from wicked altar shall not work against the nation in the name of Jesus-Christ


I proclaim that my father, my God, is not a God who takes pleasure in evil; The wicked does not live with Him. I proclaim that the arrogant will not stand before the eyes of my God. I proclaim on this land that the Lord abhors men of blood and fraud I proclaim that God leads His people into this nation in righteousness, smooths His way before their eyes in the name of Jesus Christ I proclaim that God will be in this nation a subject of joy for all who fear His name in the name of Jesus Christ



Everything GOD planed for Cameroon as a land and the people of the Land will come to pass, for God does whatever He wishes. He is preparing a leader from a closet to come and do his bidding. He says what he does

The Lord God of heaven is ready to set things right in our nation, not in the distant future, but right now! He is ready to save Cameroon and show my glory to the world.

Everything the destroyer has planned or is planning against this nation today and tomorrow will be exposed in the name of Jesus-Christ

Let there be improvement today in all that is planned to solve the problems of our nation in the name of Jesus-Christ


The church of Jesus-Christ in Cameroon sits at the place of honor in the high places until the Lord humbles its enemies, making them a footstool under her feet in the name of Jesus-Christ

The Lord will extend the dominion of His church in Cameroon, to rule over the enemies of the Land in the name of Jesus-Christ

The strength of the church of Jesus-Christ in our nation Cameroon will be renew each day like the morning dew in the name of Jesus-Christ

The Lord has decided and will not regret over it His church in Cameroon is His community of priest forever in the order of Melchisedek

We proclaim that the Lord stands by us every day and night for our protection in this mission in the name of Jesus-Christ


Shout joyful praises to God, all the land of Cameroon  Sing about the glory of his name! Let the entire nation  be told  how glorious he is. Let the cameroonians Say to God, “How awesome are your deeds! Your enemies cringe before your mighty power. Everything on this land of Cameroon  will worship you; Cameroanians will sing your praises, shouting your name in glorious songs.”  Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for people of our land!  He made a dry path through the times of difficulties,  There we rejoiced in him.  For by his great power he rules forever. He watches every movement of the nation; let no rebel rise in defiance.


Doctrine Dilution. Few churches in Cameroon will tell you what they believe and even dare to teach that to the members. Even non-Christians are much less likely to attend churches with weak doctrinal beliefs than those with strong ones. So let us ask God to forgive the church of our nation for such things.

Loss of Evangelistic Passion. Many senior pastors either don’t have or have lost their evangelistic passion. Congregations tend to follow the passions and visions of those in key leadership positions, particularly the pastor. Let pray that the Lord will have mercy on the church of our nation for the loss of Evangelistic passion

Failure to Be Relevant. Unfortunately, many churches in our nation are out of touch with the changing trends and values of today’s culture. Some churches, for certain, abandon many of the cardinal truths of the faith in their quest to be relevant to the community they serve. But even more churches are woefully unaware of the realities, hopes, and pains of those around us. Failure to be true to doctrines of the Christian faith leads to apostasy. Failure to understand the world in which we live and serve leads to irrelevancy. This is an issue for real confession

Few Outwardly-Focused Ministries. Many churches seem to exist only for themselves. While there certainly should be ministry available for church members, often the balance between external and internal ministries is heavily skewed toward internal. When churches seek to care and minister only to their own, it’s a likely sign that decline is in motion and that death may be imminent.

Conflict over Personal Preferences. Some of the more vicious internal battles in congregations today are not fights over defending the great truths of the Christian faith. Instead, members have conflict over their preferred worship style, the way a room is painted or carpeted, and the type of pulpit the preacher uses. Battles like these are sure signs that members are more concerned about their needs than the needs of the hurting and unchurched people who live and work next to them.

The Priority of Comfort. Many churches are in definitive patterns of decline because church members simply will not move beyond their couches of comfort. It’s much easier to do things the way we’ve always done them, rather than to get uncomfortable in the world outside the walls of the church.

Biblical Illiteracy. Very few churches even attempt to provide a way for their members to understand Genesis to Revelation; therefore, biblical illiteracy is the natural result. And biblical illiteracy means that our churches may not be obedient to the calls of Scripture because they don’t know what the Bible says.

I proclaim that never again  Cameroon will be under the influence of the satanic altars in the name of Jesus because it is written: “that darkness will not reign forever. I proclaim that any evil plan of destruction for this day fails because it is written: “I will silence all the wicked of the land, to remove from the city of the Lord all those who commit injustice.”

PROCLAMATION / After prayers

Prophetic Proclamations and decrees

O you New Government of the Republic of Cameroon, listen to the voice of God through the church of Cameroon!

  • You must serve the purposes of God for this nation in the name of Jesus-Christ

  • You have no choice, but to do that which is right in the name of Jesus-Christ

  • We decree that you are under the influence of the our altar of prayer in the name of Jesus

  • We uproot wickedness, selfishness, corruption, greed, unrighteousness…from your heart in the name of Jesus-Christ

  • We command you to lead our nation to success, peace, joy, brightness in the name of Jesus-Christ

  • We decree that every unrighteousness will disqualify you from being our leader, expose you and demote you in the name of Jesus-Christ

  • If you refuse to do right, our nation will vomit you by fire and by force in the name of Jesus-Christ

  • The Lord God, our father will deal with you in righteousness if you refuse to cooperate with him

  • Just as Cyrus was to servant of the Lord for the people of God, so shall you be servants of the most high for people of Cameroon in the name of Jesus-Christ

We prophecy to you new government of the Republic of Cameroon as long as you cooperate with the Lord to serve and  lead this nation to the place the Lord wants it to be,  

“ The Lord Himself will go before you and level the mountains, he will smash down gate of bronze and cut through the bar of iron, he will give you treasure hiding in darkness, He will reveal himself to you and give you wisdom, He will equip you and give you strength . He will fight every of your battles, he will put your enemies to shame; He will make your light brighter and brighter. But if you refuse to cooperate with the Lord, and want to do things your own way, we vomit you right now in the name of Jesus-Christ. We handle you place to another person in the name of Jesus-Christ. “