10 MINUTES OF PRAYER FOR CAMEROON OF 30/05/2018 We continue in our perspective to heal our country as priests and kings, men and women who use the authority given to them by the Lord for the transformation of the nation. To do this, we begin by doing what God asks us to do, that is to say, we forgive so that he too may do it, we cleanse the nation by the blood of Jesus, we decree and proclaim and finally assign we assign them the angels for the execution of decrees and proclamations. 1. Here’s how to do it: AS SACRIFICATOR AND KING, I forgive my country ……. 2. I purify my land by the blood of Jesus Christ from all taint and accusation in the name of Jesus Christ 3. As a royal priesthood, I decree and proclaim that … .. 4. And I appoint the angels of God for the execution of these decrees and proclamations in the name of Jesus Christ



On Friday, the 2nd March, the head of state, President Paul Biya reorganized the Government of the Republic of Cameroon. Some ministers when out as some came in. it is as if he considered the cry of the English speaking part of the nation and appointed two new ministers into the government and the ministry of territorial administration to another one.  Let us thank God for that gesture at a time like this in the name of Jesus-Christ.

A new thing about this reorganization was the creation of a ministry that will be in charge of decentralization. And as we know that is one the main cry of the population. We will like the people of every community to take their destiny in their hands. Let us thank God for that new ministry.


This only answer may not be enough to quench the anger of our brothers, but let ask the Lord to speak hope of a great future into their heart as well as into the heart of every Cameroonian in the name of Jesus-Christ

Let us pray for the newly appointed minsters, and ask that the Lord, will put His fear into their heart to enable them to do what is right and helpful for the people they are called to serve In the name of Jesus-Christ

Let us declare that before they get into their new offices maybe tomorrow Monday, the Lord would have filled their heart with great love and integrity, with wisdom and direction, such a genuine love for the nation that will only lead them to do what is right in the name of Jesus-Christ

Let us place them (the new government) in the altar of the Lord. Let us charge them to serve the purposes of the nation in the name of Jesus

Let us liberate them from the influence of the wicked altars of the Land in the name of Jesus

Let us break all agreements with hell over their life, their dwelling place, and their services – Isaiah 28:18

Let us annul and break them loose from all unholy covenants made with idols and demonic entities even with their bloodline in Jesus’ name. – Exodus 23:32

Let us command all unholy, unclean spirits to no longer follow them or influence them or the nation through them.  – Matthew 8:1-17

Let the evil altars that were built in their new offices by the outgoing ministers be destroyed in the name of Jesus-Christ

Let all high places in Cameroon established by ungodly rulers in order to influence the government be now broken down and removed in Jesus’ name. – 2 Kings 19:5

Let now every satanic altar in high places influencing the leaders of our nation be taken down, destroyed, and removed in Jesus’ mighty name.  – 2 Chronicles 14:2-5

Let now righteous men come forth with the wisdom of the Lord.  Let them come forth and be seated in the high governmental places of my city, state, and nation in the name of Jesus-Christ.  Proverbs 9:3

Prophetic Proclamations and decrees

O you New Government of the Republic of Cameroon, listen to the voice of God through the church of Cameroon!

  • You must serve the purposes of God for this nation in the name of Jesus-Christ

  • You have no choice, but to do that which is right in the name of Jesus-Christ

  • We decree that you are under the influence of the our altar of prayer in the name of Jesus

  • We uproot wickedness, selfishness, corruption, greed, unrighteousness…from your heart in the name of Jesus-Christ

  • We command you to lead our nation to success, peace, joy, brightness in the name of Jesus-Christ

  • We decree that every unrighteousness will disqualify you from being our leader, expose you and demote you in the name of Jesus-Christ

  • If you refuse to do right, our nation will vomit you by fire and by force in the name of Jesus-Christ

  • The Lord God, our father will deal with you in righteousness if you refuse to cooperate with him

  • Just as Cyrus was to servant of the Lord for the people of God, so shall you be servants of the most high for people of Cameroon in the name of Jesus-Christ

We prophecy to you new government of the Republic of Cameroon as long as you cooperate with the Lord to serve and  lead this nation to the place the Lord wants it to be,  

“ The Lord Himself will go before you and level the mountains, he will smash down gate of bronze and cut through the bar of iron, he will give you treasure hiding in darkness, He will reveal himself to you and give you wisdom, He will equip you and give you strength . He will fight every of your battles, he will put your enemies to shame; He will make your light brighter and brighter. But if you refuse to cooperate with the Lord, and want to do things your own way, we vomit you right now in the name of Jesus-Christ. We handle you place to another person in the name of Jesus-Christ. “


Équipons nous

 Considérons  les Écritures, les principes et la vérité énumérés ci-dessous:

  • La vie et la mort sont au pouvoir de la langue (Proverbes 18:21).

  • Les paroles que nous prononçons sont esprit et vie (Jean 6:63).

  • Tandis que nous pouvons être piégés par les paroles de notre bouche, les mots correctement prononcés portent force et puissance (Job 6:25).

  • Nous avons reçu les clés du Royaume (Matthieu 16:19).  Les clés sont la capacité de lier et délier

 Lier signifie attacher, enrouler, entraver, restreindre, retenir. Délier veut dire   déverrouiller,  et pardonner. Quand nous prononçons les paroles du Seigneur en tant que fils et filles du Dieu Très-Haut (Jean 1: 1-14), nos paroles portent l’autorité et la puissance du ciel, la présence et la puissance du Saint-Esprit (Romains 8:12 -17). Nos paroles lient l’homme fort afin que nous puissions piller sa maison (Matthieu 12:29). Nos paroles dénouent, détendent et libèrent les bénédictions du Seigneur que le diable est venu voler, tuer et détruire.

  • Car le Seigneur plaidera leur cause et pillera l’âme de ceux qui les pillent” (Proverbes 22:23).

  • Personne ne peut entrer dans la maison d’un homme fort et piller ses biens, à moins qu’il ne lie d’abord l’homme fort. Et alors il pillera sa maison “(Marc 3:27).

Notre campagne est pour la libération, la guérison, la restauration et la construction de notre nation. Nous désirons faire la même chose tous les jours et tous ensemble.

Alors, pendant que nous continuons dans cette campagne, elle  orchestrera un effet incroyable sur les ennemis du Seigneur et de notre nation.

  • Des cris se font entendre depuis Horonaïm : c’est la dévastation et une grande ruine. Jérémie 48: 3

  • Ils boiront, et ils chancelleront et seront comme fous, A la vue du glaive que j’enverrai au milieu d’eux. Jérémie 25:16 LSG

  • Caleb fit taire le peuple, qui murmurait contre Moïse. Il dit : Montons, emparons-nous du pays, nous y serons vainqueurs ! Nombres 13 : 30

repentance and others

 it will be nice to read this first REV. 3:14-22

Let us repent on behave of the church for laziness, lust, lukewarmness and all vanities of the world system in the Church. Let us pray that the Church will awake to holiness, Intercession, Evangelism, Discipleship and Mission. Let us Pray that all those who are engaged in this program be diligent in prayer and to understand and discern the times and seasons. Let God bring us to the point where personal concerns will no longer mean more than the cause God and the Nation.

Prayer points

  1. Our father, we, your church in Cameroon, we are pleading for forgiveness for letting this crisis take roots. And even at the beginning of the crisis, we helped to let it go. We lacked discernment to see how far it could spread. For this, Lord, we plead for forgiveness our God and father, have mercy on us, your church in this nation of Cameroon in the name of Jesus Christ. Remember your promise that if your people who are called by your name shall humble themselves, pray, seek your face, turn away from their evil ways, and then you shall answer them from heaven. Lord respond to us in this season, erase our sins, and heal our nation in the name of Jesus Christ

  2. Our father, give your church Elijah for both camps. For the secessionists, as well as for the Cameroonian government. Elijah, Lord, your messengers that they will have to listen at all costs even if it takes a bite of time. Our father, let your voice be heard by the leaders, your voice that no one can resist. Our father, your word reveals to us in Psalm 29 the power of your voice

    The voice of the LORD is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, the LORD thunders over the mighty waters.  The voice of the LORD is powerful; the voice of the LORD is majestic.  The voice of the LORD breaks the cedars; the LORD breaks in pieces the cedars of Lebanon.   He makes Lebanon leap like a calf, Sirion like a young wild ox.  The voice of the LORD strikes with flashes of lightning.  The voice of the LORD shakes the desert; the LORD shakes the Desert of Kadesh.  The voice of the LORD twists the oaksand strips the forests bare.